Embracing Motherhood, Yet Again!

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Date: 5th-Feb-2018

Prasitha Sridhar, the Founder of Shopzters has been a dear mommy and continues to be so. Her second pregnancy and those maternity shoot pictures, captured beautifully by Yellow Bird Photography are finally out and we can't help but fall in love with them. Special mention about her maternity gown that has been beautifully designed by Pootthaiyal. She has been a caring mummy who shuttled between her professional and personal life with the same commitment and love. She worked on the idea of Shopzters with her elder one inside of her and continued to do so even after her pregnancy. The second pregnancy did not stop her doing what she has always been doing, follow her dreams. 

"In this journey of 5 years as a mom and an entrepreneur, I discovered to never give up, to be persistent, passionate and patient. To all women who think that they can't work or pursue their dreams once they're married and when they're carrying a life inside of them, you can turn thr world around and make it the best place to live in! Ladies, be bold and always be optimistic because nothing is impossible!", says Prasitha.

Here's to all the mothers who never stop dreaming and who never settle for anything less than what they have already set their mind on!



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