Embracing The Most Beautiful Creation Of God!

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Date: 21st-Nov-2017

Children are the most choicest of God’s blessings. When you are blessed with a baby, it’s God’s way of telling that you’re chosen to have all the happiness in the world. Embracing and nurturing one such moment of a couple is Shots By Vandana & Siraj. With the mother Olivia of Artistry by Olivia  flaunting her baby bump and the father compassionately embracing his new life, the couple pose for the camera with such joy. The mother has already got that glow flushing on her cheeks we tell you. It is surely a treat to watch maternity shoots since nothing can be faked. We repeat, NOTHING! The joy, the excitement, the sparkle in the mother’s eyes and the fear of responsibility in the father’s eyes, each and every action tells us how happy and ready the couple are. Welcoming a new member to the family, we wish the happy couple the best of everything.  


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