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North Indian Wedding Inspirations

Date: 1st-May-2019

They had a vision for a larger-than-life destination wedding and the Roving Lens family’s team of fervent photographers weaved their vision into a reality that’ll become a souvenir for decades to come.

A lot of time, money and effort goes into planning a perfect destination wedding. Tons of things need to be organized before you can stand against the picturesque backdrop next to the luminous turquoise water and start a new life with the love of your life.

With destination wedding on their mind, the lovely couple picked an extraordinary beach wedding venue. They settled on the perfect wedding dress, flowers and décor and when it came to preserving the memories of the biggest day of their lives, they chose the ace wedding photographers at Roving Lens.

The pictures capture every aspect of the stunning destination wedding and, in doing so; the photographer takes full advantage of the charming location. The wedding décor is elegant, dreamy, remarkable and oh-so-perfect for those idyllic ‘Just Married’ photos of the blessed couple. The company of close friends and relatives is what transforms the wedding photos into extraordinary memorabilia!

At the end of the day, when the dust settles, this is what you are left with – keepsakes on celluloid of the BIGGEST day of your life, right?


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