Replicating Samantha From The Recent Biopic Mahanati Savithri

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Date: 27th-Aug-2018

Actress Samantha’s look in the biopic on the late legendary actress 'Mahanati Savithri' has everyone awestruck and for good reason. In the extraordinary stills, Samantha portrays the appearance of an enthusiastic journalist from the bygone era of 1970's-80's.

One of Coimbatore's leading designer @onedotknot# got spellbound by the breathtaking look and so they came up with a shoot to recreate the enigma sketched on the silver screen by Samantha. Anusha, the stunning model replicating Samantha is blooming in the extremely retro-chic look. Kudos to Studio Prashanth for capturing the looks in precision, @scarlet-makeup-artistry-by-swathi# for the exact makeover and Fabric NH 44 for the outfit fabrics..


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