Some Of Our Brides And Their Bridesmaids Who Stole The Show Traditionally

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Date: 18th-Nov-2017

Traditional attire can never be off trend. Not now. Not ever. And the set of beauties here will stand for that. On that big day, when your best friend is about to get hitched, you shall not be the only person who is going to miss her. There is never a good time or bad time to clicked yourselves clicked in front of the cameras. Here are few pointers with which you can strike amazing poses with your bride. With some of the best brides and their bridesmaids who chose to steal the show with some of the best and most talked about traditional outfits, Shopzters here again for you.

COLOUR CO-ORDINATED OUTFITS – Colour co-ordinated outfits are not for couples alone. Brides and her bridesmaids too can flaunt them like none before.

Pic courtesy - Mystic studios

Pic courtesy - creative wedding photography 

TEASING THE BRIDE – Well, this one’s a must to-do shot. Who is going to miss all the number of silly pranks and the amount of fun you shared?

Pic courtesy - Focuzstudios

Pic courtesy - The memory writers 

Pic courtesy - ifotos 

MAKE HER LOOK LIKE SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS – Well, it’s her day. Her one, true big day that she will always want to look back to and had always dreamt of. Don’t you want to make her look like she deserves all the love in the world?

Pic courtesy - ashok arsh

Pic courtesy - Mystic studios 

Pic courtesy - Studio 31 

Pic courtesy - mystic studios 

Pic courtesy - Shots by vasudev 

INCORPORATE PROPS TO JAZZ IT UP A BIT – Props are always a handy option when it comes to posing with your friends. Props like placards will bring out wishes you want to present visually for your bride. Also, glasses, flower bouquets and what not!

Pic courtesy - The memory writers

Pic courtesy - Siraj khan 

Pic courtesy - The memory writers 

Pic courtesy - Focuz studios 

Pic courtesy - haha photography 

GIVE HER SOME LOVE – These kind of pictures that you squeeze the bride with all your love reminds her that you will always be there for her, with love no matter how much you annoy each other!

Pic courtesy -  Vipin 

LET HER BE THE CENTRE OF ATTRACTION (LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY) – Make her be the centre piece. The one person who you would want to give all your love and regards to.

Pic courtesy - mystic studios

Pic courtesy - 84mm studio 

Pic courtesy - Ashok arsh 

Pic courtesy - creative wedding photography 

Pic courtesy - mystic studios 

Pic courtesy -  Mystic studios


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