Ten Of The Best Half Sarees To Flaunt This Wedding Season!

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Date: 11th-Jul-2019

Half saree also known as “dhavani” is a three-piece garment worn by south Indian teens and young women. It is a beautiful twist to saree and is not very different from a ghagra choli or lehenga except for the way in which the dupatta is worn. Here are a few inspirations for incorporating this pretty garment to your wedding ceremony!

Photography by Vijay Eesam

Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

These gorgeous green silk brocade skirts are matched with the contrast blouses and the tastefully embroidered dhavani makes you a vision!

Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

Traditional pavadai is beautifully matched with contrast shawl and blouse. The intricate work on the border of the dupatta and the blouse makes sure that the ensemble instantly catches your eyes!

Photography by Yeluguri

The pink half saree is the perfect garment for your sangeet or mehendi ceremony. The simple blouse and shawl perfectly highlight the lotus motif silk skirt making it elegant and graceful.

Photography by Photriya 

Photography by Golden shutter

These simple brocade pink and royal blue skirt with intricately embroidered contrast shawl and blouse exuberates royalty and class!

Photography by Photriya

It’s a brilliant choice to wear a heavily worked blouse and shawl to complement the traditional “vaira oosi” pavadai.

Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

This green ensemble is a modern twist to the otherwise traditional half saree. The blouse and the shawl with mild embroidery goes effortlessly with the antique bordered skirt.

Photography sourced from Pinterest/Instagram

Photography by RVR PRO

The long bordered skirts are extravagantly matched with heavily embroidered blouses and shawls making it a magnificent ensemble that is fit to be worn for reception or engagement!


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