Baby Steps To 5- Storey Glory- Story Of Tirupur Based Make-up Artist

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Date: 2nd-Nov-2018

How many times have we dreamt of something and are proud to say that we have actually accomplished that dream of ours? Here is one such story that makes the fact right that dreamers are winners.

Let's hear it from Viji Ganesan, the proud owner and the mind behind @lucky-girl-makeup-artist#, Tirupur.

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Lucky Girl

"After I was married, I wanted to do something on my own. Then came the idea of starting a beauty parlour in 1989. Back then parlours weren't frequented by many women. I was earning about Rs.250 a month and now I am very proud of where I stand. It is only in the last 5 to 10 years that parlours have gained recognition.



Indranil Choudhary

Giri Stills

After setting up my parlour, I kept updating myself with the recent trends in makeup and have also been studying since then. I keep visiting Bombay once in 2 months to keep a check on my knowledge. I am now an aromatherapist and a beautician as well. I do counselling for brides.

If not for the support of my husband and two children, life wouldn't have been this great. I own a 5-storey building which consists of a store for imitation jewellery, a fitness studio for women, and of course, my very own parlour!


Giri Stills



I have worked with so many brides and even today they stay in touch with me for being so supportive and caring. Every review I get is heartfelt and I am so happy to be acclaimed with such love and gratitude.

Gokila is the very first bride I have worked with back in 1989 and she was the one I had invited to open the bridal room in my building. I am so happy that our bond still continues to be intact. 



RPS Photography

I use all high-end brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, MARS, Sephora, etc and have always made sure that the brides feel at home.

One very important tip for all the bride-to-be is to always make it a point to check your skin type before using cosmetics. Take constant care of your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing it every day.

I have been receiving a lot of enquiries from abroad as well. Many thanks to Shopzters for their constant support."



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