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Date: 17th-Nov-2017

Reena Makeup Artiste has been doing wonders with her makeup brush and her keen art of making women look extra-beautiful. With yet another set of pictures, she is here again to lure you all into her trap of vivid and flawless looking renditions. Bridal fashion, contemporary looks, you name it she had already did it. Women are always beautiful and she had made them a notch more prettier with her flawless and naturally looking makeup artistry. Along with Reena, there were a whole lot of crew behind the scenes who made this possible. Let’s not forget to thank them too for giving us this treat to our vision.  

Location Courtesy: Westin hotel

Wardrobe courtesy: Dithi Studio and Sankalp the boutique 

Photography: Sumanth Kumar AR

Styling: Prajanya Anand

Hair and make-over – Reena Paiva

Assistant: Ridhi

Models: Mehndi Jashnani, Swathi muppalla

Art Director : Dhiya D'Rosario- DQ Design Quotient

This look gives you a royal touch. The kind of jewelry and look that women wore and nurtured in those times, rich and elegant, suitable for any grand event.

This look speaks volumes of sophistication and ultimate charm. Diamond jewelry can never make you look less than a princess that you already are. 

Shimmery uncut diamonds that make you look like a royal queen. This look never can be compromised, not one bit.

The most contemporary look possible, women these days like portraying one of these looks on them. Simple, classy and a whole lot of chic. 

This one’s for every bride who would want to look like a goddess. With bold lips and subtle eyes, this look is a killer! 

Evergreen elegance. As the name suggests, green is always one go-to shade that makes you look fresh and subtle at the same time. 


While she also discovers her talents into the art of complimenting colours, Reena Makeup Artiste has given us yet another treat to our eyes. Shades like red and off-white are so cliché. Let’s learn it from her as she takes a unique route in the cliché and makes it work like a pro.

RED – This look is so very ravishing and bold. Well, what more can you expect of the shade red than being fierce? With minimal jewelry and bold lips, this series of pictures are a notch higher.

Hair & Make Up : Reena Makeup Artiste

Design & Fashion Stylist : Archana Aarthi

Photo : Shareef Nandyala


FESTIVE MAKEOVER – This make-over is a bit intriguing. Incorporating the contemporary looks and style into the old fashion of going blouse-less. The hair and makeup look very subtle and have complimented the outfit so well.

Hair & Make Up : Reena Makeup Artiste

Design & Fashion Stylist : Archana Aarthi

Photo : Shareef Nandyala


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