5 Floral Themes To Make Your Big Day Look As Astounding As Ever

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Date: 20th-Sep-2017

Flowers can never be off trend. Not now, not never. With the right amount and usage of flowers and floral patterns any event can be boosted to an exquisite level. With that being said, here are few flower based themes that you will love done by 3D- Design & Decor By Dinaz

Flower shower

Flowers showering from above, that’s about a dream wedding anybody would want to have.

Floral mosaic

Despite having flower showers, here’s to having a flower mosaic as well.

Flowers and ribbons

Flowers and ribbons have been the order of the day. For a very delicate look, you may as well go with this.

Mint green pink

Incorporating pastel shades has become the new thing, just in. Usage of these mint green flowers are completely brilliant.

Floral wall

This one looks like a complete fairy land. Any bride and groom who would walk this aisle amongst these flowers will always remember the day more than anything else.


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