6 Engagement Decor Ideas To Celebrate The Day In Sheer Style

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Date: 15th-Feb-2018

Engagements have become one of the most inevitable parts of every other wedding in Soun India these days. While there are people who do it under a simple setting, there are those who would love to take the extra mile in making the event extravagant in every way possible. Here are a few decor ideas, crafted and executed by Utsav's, who have been dedicating their creativity and burning out there brain's juices in making your engagement days heavily aww-dorable!

1. These floral decorations are simple and also at the same time, ooze of elegance.

2. With a purple, beige and golden combination and with the addition of gorgeous umbrellas, this one's a fascinating tribute.

3. A simple and elegant set up with flowers, flowers and some more fragrant flowers.

4. While the red roses did all the talking at an arena like this.

5. Luscious greens everywhere, this arena is so lit. Literally and metaphorically!

6. A mixture of so many colour schemes and yet the place looks like a complete treat to the eyes.


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