A Brilliant Mela Themed Decor That Claims Colour And Vividity

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Date: 25th-Oct-2017

Event Art is always known for its classy and colourful themed decors. Never ceasing to offer a terat to our eyes, they’re back again with yet another eye-catchy “mela” themed décor. The word “mela” itself gives us the vibes and the mood to be set for a festival. Doing ultimate justice to the name, this themed décor is just making all of us look for it over and over again. From the very colourful paper works till the vivid rendition of floral decorations, they have sealed the kiss of Mother colourful, we tell you. To not be able to fall for these decors and to not try them on your big day will cause you to commit a sin, we bet!

These brilliant colour combinations were vividly brought in front of our eyes through the amazing camera works of Rakesh Prakash and @fifth-angle-studios#.


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