A Wedding That Took The Eco-Friendly Route And Inspired Many

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Date: 23rd-Sep-2017

While there are weddings that involve a lot of extravaganza and unique incorporations of grandeur and things alike, here is a wedding that made so many heads turn with their very unique eco-friendly, go green concept. An initiative taken by a couple in Coimbatore, Neelambaran and Deepika Priya along with their family members and with the help of the No dumping team, No food wastage team and the NSS volunteers from CMS College of Science and Commerce, have come up with this inspiring theme to curb wastage as much as possible.  This “No Wastage Wedding” has turned out to be a very successful attempt with regards to bringing out a lot of awareness amongst the masses.

The ways in which the couple had incorporated in order to avoid wastage is worth mentioning. Traditional and eco friendly floral decorations, foods being served in steel plates and banana leaves rather than on plastic ones, cone ice creams instead of ice creams served in cups with spoons, serving sukku coffee instead of any other soft drink, avoiding the usage of balloons, thermocol and the usage of cloth bags for return gifts, are a very inspiring initiative that had set up bars for all to be weds to go the eco-friendly way.


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