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Date: 8th-Jul-2019

Any wedding ceremony is incomplete without the exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom. Hence, garlands play a pivotal role in Indian weddings. They also complete the look of any bride and groom. They have the capability to pull off the entire wedding ensemble or break the look of the bridal party!

The Classic Rose Garland -

Rose symbolizes love and romance. What better flower to adorn the necks of brides and grooms than a rose? There are several ways to wear a rose garland. It can be worn as several flowers tied together, stitched up rose petals or mixing different coloured roses to match your garment.

Photography by Studio clickz 

Photography by Weva

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram

Green Coloured Garlands -

Be the unconventional bride spotting a green coloured garland around your neck. The green coloured garlands can be worn in contrast or matching your ensemble. It can be mixed with wildflowers, roses or orchids to create beautiful arrays. They can also use beetle leaves or cardamom to achieve the green colour.

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram 

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram 

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram 

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram

Carnation And Rose Garland -

When your ensemble is subtle and pastel its also good to opt for bright coloured garlands to elevate the entire look. Here is a picture of a bride wearing a carnation garland with red roses that perfectly juxtaposes elegance and fun!

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram

Lotus Garlands -

Be classy and timeless spotting a pink lotus garland that is sure to look good on any garment during any occasion or ceremony. A lotus garland looks extremely traditional yet dainty and elegant making it the easy and obvious choice for any bride.

Photography by Lumiere

Wild Flowers -

If you are a bride who loves to experiment yet want to stay safe making sure what you choose matches your ensemble, go with wildflowers like the baby's-breath that are neutral in colour like white or pink. They also look daring and graceful at the same time.

Picture sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram

Minimal Garland -

If you want to sport a minimal look and still look graceful, go for a lacy or satin cloth garland that is matching to your ensemble or a neutral colour. Having a bouquet with very few flowers like lilies or roses will help you complete the look.

Photography by Atrias

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