Colorful Decor With The ‘Herbs Of The Sun’

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Flowers are an integral element of Hindu weddings; therefore, the yellow and orange; round and aromatic marigolds are extensively used in Indian wedding decorations. Marigolds also known as the ‘herbs of the sun’ represent creativity, excitement, vividness and positivity showered on the blessed couple. 

Bursting with color these popular flowers are easily available all year round, in these stunning décor photos they are draped on trees, wooden frames and pillars for decorating the wedding venue and mandap. Marigold garlands are also used as torans to decorate the gateway. The use of these stunning flowers in rangoli adds a colorful touch to the venue. Who would’ve thought a complete venue décor can be done with marigold. Kudos to Marriage Colours for coming up with this for a sunny beach wedding. Quite cool, huh!


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