Crafty ‘Seer’ Ideas - A Creative Way To Welcome Guests On Your Big Day

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Weddings symbolize tradition, rituals, culture and age old customs. One such tradition is the concept of ‘Seer’ – an indispensible aspect of every wedding. The Seer ritual is a gesture of benevolence and thoughtfulness and is practiced by both sides of the couple.

However, today’s couples are so done with the passé and monotonous seer plates! What they need are seer plates that coordinate with their wedding theme and offer a creative way to welcome their wedding guests.

With customized decorations and some fun motifs seer plates can help in lighting up the wedding venue. Therefore, while you are busy taking care of your wedding venue, décor and what not, don’t forget to select some super-cool items for your seer list.

These amazing pictures show some crafty seer plate ideas beautifully done by EVE'S - The bridal and fashion Jewellery Studio with ornaments, fruits, chocolates, flowers, toys, and dry fruits all decked up with some glitter and glam. If that doesn’t impress your wedding guests what will?


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