Cute Little Details That You Can Include In Your Decorations Part - 2

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Date: 11th-May-2018

As a sequel to the already mentioned blog about including cute and quirky little elements to your decorations, here is yet another blog to tip you all about yet another series of collectibles. We vouch for the fact that these elements are super classy and will definitely pull off your decorations to be one among the best.

Much credits to 3 Productions for coming up with super cute and quirky ways in making the venue bright and beautiful!

ROUND PILLOWS – Pillows with bangles in them. Suitable for baby shower ceremonies.

BELLS WITH FLOWERS – This one’s traditional and trendy all at once.

QUIRKY POSTERS – Are you a big fan of movies and signs? We think this is your pot!

FLORAL HANGING POTS OF COCONUT SHELLS – Re usage has become the major part here. Don’t thro those coconut shells ‘cause they might come in handy someday like this.

TEAPOT VASES – Teapots transformed into vases. Ah, the local essence is too high here!


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