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Date: 25th-Jun-2019

Wedding decor is being taken a lot more seriously in recent times with the massive creative freedom decorators have in their arena. Couples are also more aware that the backdrop of their photos which they hold onto dearly for the rest of their lives, matter a LOT! Hence, there is a lot more emphasis on the backdrops and the general theme of the wedding. The atmosphere wedding decorators create totally changes the mood of the audience and transports them to a whole different world. Today's brides and grooms know exactly what they want, making a decorator's job much easier. This particular set by Wedding Chakra at Leela Palace caught our eye with lots of green hues! We love the main stage decor with the hanging vines. This draws our eyes to move vertically and horizontally fully capturing all the beauty of the set. The pathway is a unique one with their wedding date and names printed on it. We absolutely love when these little details are added to the wedding decor. It truly makes a difference!


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