Golden Sunshine, Green Outdoors And A Gorgeous Wedding!

Wedding Trends and Ideas

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Décor forms the ambience of any event. The colours chosen for the décor set the mood for the event! What is better than gorgeous indoor décor? Outdoor décor! Outdoor events have a life of their own, maybe because we are one with nature itself. So we came across the beautiful décor done for Dheebeha and Vicky’s wedding shot by Vasudev Vijayan and we had to share it. It ticks everything in the checklist for an awesome job! Done with the usage of beautiful yellow and orange marigolds, we have random and quirky placements of chandeliers, birdcages and big sized frames to give it all a whimsical look! With comfy sofas and bolster cushions, the ambience is set for the wedding! There are so many ideas here, at one spot! Which one are you going to get inspired by?


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