Shopzters Couples and Their Garlands- Part 1

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Date: 3rd-Jan-2019

If an Indian wedding had to be pictorially represented, it would be with a garland. Yes, that’s how essential and significant they are to our culture. Every auspicious ceremony is celebrated with flowers and hence, no Indian wedding is complete without the bride and the groom exchanging the ceremonial garlands, a ritual that finds its root in our Hindu scriptures as well.

Garlands traditionally were stitched together using jasmine flowers or rose buds, but today they come in various shapes and sizes, even using exotic varieties of flowers like orchids and lilies. But due to the discomfort caused by the massive weight of wearing real flower garlands, artificial flowers and embellishments are used as a replacement. But of course, the beauty and fragrance of garlands made using real flowers is unmatched!

Featuring our favourite picks from few of the brides we featured on Shopzters! Brides-to-be, take notes for your wedding!


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