The Telugu Wedding Where The Couple And The Guests Dressed Up As Gods

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Date: 8th-Oct-2017

Theme weddings are the trend of this wedding season. It is generally not easy to co-ordinate a theme wedding. Especially with South Indian Weddings that are known for its vibrant and colorful buzz of guests around the place, pinning it to a theme and asking the guests to show in a certain color of outfit would not really work. This telugu family wanted to do something different for their wedding and decided to have a god themed wedding! The bride's name is Harishita, the daughter of a local godman named Sridhara Swami, who has an Ashram in Tanuku of Andhra Pradesh. She is dressed up as Goddess Lakshmi and brought to the stage in a lotus while the groom is dressed as Lord Vishnu. Not just them, the parents and other relatives are also dressed up as Gods, Kings & Queens just like we see in ancient mythological movies/books.!!!!


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