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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Nobody can forget Deepika Padukone's earings in the movie Ram Leela which caught everyone's fancy. The intricately crafted earings sold like hot cakes and it was time for Ritu Soni to smile! After all the hard work she had put in, this was a time to savour success and now within a year of launch, she has made fast strides in the fashion jewellery business. Happy to present Emporia Jewels as the boutique of the month.


I come from a family of jewellers. I am infact the first person to get into the fashion jewellery segment. Gold prices are now at a high, at present. Though people can afford, it is not safe to wear them every day. Whereas, imitation jewellery can give more variety and more people can afford them due to cheap prices. emporia1 In the present day context, imitation jewellery is the best option. The jewels are more affordable and people can match them according to their dresses as well. They also do not want to wear the boring stuff all the time. What is more, they also give the look of gold! With fashion getting more expressive day by day, Bollywood divas have created a stir with their fashion jewellery. The recent Ram Leela earings are a perfect example! emporia2 Emporia Jewels tries to give people the best of varieties in fashion jewellery at very fair prices. I started a year back and now I have earned a good set of customers who are totally satisfied with what I deliver, especially the quality! Though it is an online store, I personally take care to see that there are no faulty pieces and if the customers report it to me, I take responsibility and rectify them immediately. Now I have customers from Dubai, Singapore and US who are confident about my product and 90% of them are repeated customers. emporia3 Everyday, I do it with new enthusiasm, zeal and vigor and I hope to reach more people in the near future! emporia

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