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Talking to her is indeed a pleasure. She is so candid and outspoken and expresses her views in no uncertain terms. For a person with such celebrity connections, she comes across as very simple and humble. Therein lies her charm! And what is more! She perfectly balances both her family and profession! Meet Sangeetha Suresh, Sneha's sister whose Geetu Boutique is featured as the boutique of the month. Let's hear her experience in her own words. GEETU1 I started getting serious about designing a couple of years back. Before that, I was designing for my sister Sneha. My kids were small and I could not design for any other movie other than sneha's. I started with a small room with one tailor and one embroidery unit in my husband's office. The growth happened slowly but steadily! I was there for one year and after that started another unit. Presently we are located in Mahalingapuram near Iyyapan temple. Arjun-Narmada-1140x750 I love ethnic, traditional designs like sabyasachi or Manish Malhothra's. Initially, I was scared whether I can show my individuality in the designs I created. Now, I have got lots of encouragement and support from all quarters, and 'Geetu' now has a brand name. I am happy and proud of where I stand today and the biggest encouragement for my work is 'Sadhanai Penmani' award on Women's day. GEETU Now, I have started getting movie offers. I am waiting to achieve more and more in Geetu boutique and take it to next level. I am extremely satisfied with the work I do and it's becoming more interesting day by day. GEETU2 At 'Geetu boutique's we do zardosi work, parrots, peacocks and also ruby and emerald. What is important about the kind of work we do is - finishing is the best here. We do quality work. 'Thathroobama kaamikrathu' That's the apt word in Tamil that I can use to describe our work. Its not easy!! We take up challenges and emerge succesfull in the end.. Currently, we are implementing jewel designs in blouses which is very much in vogue now. GEETU6 There are different kinds of brides. While most of them ask for heavy, grand designs, there are some who want simple but elegant ones. A lot od events are coming up and I would like to show something different in each event. I do not like to use the same colour or designs. I am very choosy about that. We match the blouse with their jewellery and not just complement the dress. The kaasi malai design in blouse is a super hit blouse in my boutique and also manga kemp blouse and flower embossed work. GEETU3 Fashion according to me is carrying what suits you best. Some people wear depending on the trend whereas others stick to what they feel comfortable and what suits them and implementing some changes. Chennai is high on fashion now. People are very specific about what they want and they try to get the best and want brands and top designers. These days people are up to date with the present trends. GEETU7 My biggest support is my sister. Her hardwork and energy boosts me up and she has infact been my biggest backbone in enerything I do. We undertake works in different ranges - from the simplest to very costly ones! My celbrity clients include Meena, Preetha Vijayakumar, Suma Jayaraj and Saindhavi. GEETU4 Every blouse output will be like delivering my baby, specially heavy bridal blouses. I feel extremely happy when I see happiness and contentment in the faces of my clients. I am yearning to do more and hope to scale greater heights with all your support! GEETU8   Address: No. 22/20, Lady Madhavan Street, Mahalingapuram, Chennai - 34. Phone Number: +91 98407 99826 [Pls mention Shopzters :)]

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Can u pls give me the mail Id of this boutique???

13 Aug 2014

shopzters admin

29 Aug 2014


I like your collection very well and i like to buy some sarees and dresses, will u sold them or not.if u sell how to buy with you.

8 Jul 2014


Hi can u pls send me ur address.

30 May 2015

Shabana quraishi

Pls inform when some sale is held in the boutique

17 Aug 2015


I like ur collections how can I buy this kind of sarees.

14 Apr 2016
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