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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Ii have always mentioned that Shopzters has given me innumerous friends! One such friend is Rama. Happy to feature her boutique as the boutique of the month! :) los bonita1 The name Los Bonita is inspired from the Spanish word and its synonym is The Beautiful. The online boutique showcases some of the striking collections of most exclusive artificial jewelry. With inbuilt creativity Rama was inspired to create the jewellery store  Los Bonita. los bonita5 Rama Karthik always sells jewellery that will match the taste of all age groups and occasions. People get an opportunity to stand out from the crowd - the uptrend collections for parties. The traditional wear jewellery easily complement their trendy counterparts and are a perfect fit for those special occasions. los bonita4 Everyone has the passion to wear a simple accessory, but that which creates an appeal and elegance to stand out from the crowd is something that always inspires Rama. She always sports a smile and loves mingling with people. Within a few days of the launch, she started receiving humongous and overwhelming reception and feedback. los bonita3 The customer base started flowing and soon people started liking and referring Los Bonita. She, being a customer herself at various times and with that experience is always flexible to customers and goes beyond just selling. She is always open to recreate some of the old products and inclined to the client's likes and also takes customized orders to meet their demand. los bonita6 The online boutique has a fanatic fan following from Facebook. Los Bonita's mantra is to sell the most selective varieties and provide excellent customer service, commitment and rightly priced to make it affordable for the girls and ladies. los bonita This fast growing exclusive store offers a variety of products. Check out for yourself and experience the thrill visit Los Bonita at or mail to Expressing the beautiful you is nothing but Los Bonita. Happy Shopping! los bonita2

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