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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

She has magic in her hands! Her designs speak volumes about the perfectionist she is! That splash of colour you see in each of her designs, just sweep you off you feet! 10422519_918377974888905_5052075329486311153_n Must be wondering who the person is? It is Bhargavi Kunam and I am exteremly delighted to feature her store as the Boutique of the month. 11071677_957298940996808_977174787693799213_n Bhargavi Kunam, always had a knack for style. As a young girl, she loved to dress her friends up. She also wanted to dress them differently, always putting together outfits that were creative yet different. 10488215_763520867041284_877599466589010526_n She considers herself to be a keen observer of life and seeks inspiration from the various vagaries that it offers. She studied Architecture at the reputed Jawaharlal Nehru College of Fine arts and Architecture, also holds a masters degree in the same. 10151850_699110630148975_4582659973185891765_n Today, this 32-year-old fashion designer has her own set up in Hyderabad. She describes her sensibility as strongly artistic and takes pride in her ability to creatively fuse different materials and fabrics into pieces of art. 10151154_701445186582186_8293737360971568764_n Though she pursued a Master degree in architecture, Bhargavi was always passionate about designing clothes. With no formal training in Fashion , she fought against all the odds to establish herself as a fashion designer. 10257298_847956385264398_3953961086397711587_o She started her career working as a freelance designer by opening a small boutique with a friend in 2007. After a five year long struggle of running a small store with a few tailors and craftsmen, she created the label BHARGAVI and launched her flagship store in Banjara Hills. 10494717_863419603718076_2224712262603764608_n She currently has fifty people working with her and is recognized as one of the best ethnic wear designers in Hyderabad. She calls herself a hands on designer as she is fully involved in the design process, starting with the choice of fabric to the quality of the finished garment. 10411815_739252746134763_2818386929654086_n Bhargavi has an intrinsic understanding of colours and textures. Her command of hues is natural and easy,sophisticated and sensual. What stands out in her work is the textures of the fabric she uses. 11403499_949444675115568_279399649688837154_n Her strength lies in her sense of color combinations and also in her ability to develop new forms and silhouettes. 1458668_774506099276094_7666178168774779190_n Her creations have a life of their own, they also have personalities, They are femininely seductive and are characterized by an interesting blend of Western and Eastern elements. 10590534_778062835587087_8618595385304777801_n Bhargavi believes that fashion is all about stimulating ones' own mind and letting creativity flow. She believes that fashion cannot be dictated to you, it is about breaking rules and being comfortable with the piece you own. 11403288_938835536176482_646113268790543572_n Blindly following trends is not really fashion. "I believe in creating my own style statements and what I love about designing is the balance of creativity, art and science in this field," says Bhargavi. 1374863_934040649989304_1091086538518443759_nOur country India and its rich heritage never fails to inspire me. Every collection of mine has a bit of India in it. I have always loved fashion. I love beautiful things that are well made. I think what women like is that while I make sexy clothes, I understand their bodies. I know that some women might have flab here and there and I cut and drape in a way that hides these flaws, without compromising on the sensual appeal of the garments. I think women should dress in a way that's effortless but never lazy, says Bhargavi. 10494717_863419603718076_2224712262603764608_n Apart from running her store successully, Bhargavi has designed bridal trousseau for many high profile weddings. She has also has designed for and styled many Tollywood celebrities for several events and parties.   10516659_758078380918866_1791574820541945900_n 10013830_691263320933706_646354180_n The collection that she designed and styled for a wedding sequence for Krishnavamsi's MOGUDU movie was well appreciated by the masses and critics alike. 11032482_951407628252606_4747246301856460784_n Phone: 040-23335588, 9989899881, 8885125125



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