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Diamonds, the 'dazzling fragments of eternity' have captivated millions across the globe with their ethereal beauty. They are the ultimate gift of love and in India and have been the favourite jewellery to adorn a bride. Indian wedding is seldom complete without this precious stone. Extremely happy to feature 'Studio Tara', a diamond boutique known for its unique collections. Bharathi Ravi Prakash, the creative mind behind this venture has to her credit, "The Ritz award" for her outstanding excellence in the field of jewellery design. 2 Studio Tara, a jewellery design and production house is the brainchild of Bharathi Raviprakash. It was her passion for stones and design and challenges that prompted Bharathi to take up a career in Jewelry design and she took step in the right direction by doing a course from GIA London. She graduated in 2002 and later that year was accredited as a Jewellery Professional by the institute. 1My designs are customized and exclusive said Bharathi in an interview. She goes through each part of the process herself. She sources the stones, lays down the design and works with her people and the end product is miniaturized and unique. Her Studio Tara caters to the growing demand for custom designed one of kind of jewelry. Bharathi's strong point is that she creates jewelry more for the precious stones than for the metal used. As she says Gold, platinum or silver are just the means to suit the stone being used and keeping in mind the client. This does not mean that the value is any less, but what I do is give the gem its true place  using only top quality stones that are on par with the rest of the world. The designs always reflect that she adds. Downloads3 Her inspired creations in Diamonds, Rubies, sapphires, Emeralds, amethyst, spinel, Tourmalines and other precious stones, set in Yellow or white Gold, are a feast for the eyes and bring joy to many a heart. Using a wide range of dazzling coloured stones she creates breathtaking range of necklaces, rings, ear Rings, bangles, brooches and even Cuff Links for Men. Downloads2 Its also her bubbling, energetic and affectionate personality that draws clients again and again to the tastefully done up show room. Her excellent taste and instinct for the right kind of jewelry to suit the different clientele also endear her to all.. They trust her judgement implicitly and it is this personal touch which makes Studio Tara stand out among the numerous showrooms with brand names. Downloads4 Address:10/50, Kasthuri Rangan road, Alwarpet, Chennai -600 018. Phone Number:+91 44 4314 4511 Email Website: FB Link:  

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