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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

A charming youngster with a passion for hand made jewellery is the brain behind Aarthi Embellishments. Started just a year back, this online jewellery boutique has been making waves and it was great interacting with Aarthi to know about the inception of the boutique and its growth. Presenting Aarthi Embellishments as the boutique of the month. aarthi5 Aarthi's Embellishment started about an year ago.It did not happen over night. I love handmade work and wanted to try my hands on Jewellery. Initially I did small earrings for myself and my fiance was my first critic. Then my sister who helped in opening this page,then,finally my mom said,this your passion kindly proceed,.That time I did not have a page, but had an opportunity to display my work in a exhibition at Bangalore with my sister. aarthi4 After the response, I wanted to take Aarthi's Embellishment to the next stage. I went for few classes and tried to learn the little details and then created my page. Constant encouragement made me try new things in jewelry making. The word of mouth from my friends and relatives made me reach this level. Thanks you friends. aarthi2 I have two types of collection in my page. Aarthi's embellishments which are my own designs and ideas. Aarthi's Designers are machine cut jewellery made available exclusively for brides and parties. At Aarthi's Embellishments, we do mention which are handmade and which are machine cut jewellery. aarthi1 Our handmade jewelries are usually for office goers and students. Simple and elegant is our motto in designing these. The designer jewelries are mainly for our traditional functions and parties, mostly for weddings. aarthi3 I take this opportunity to thank my mom, sister and my fiance who encourage and help me always. I hope you all would.keep,supporting me as always :) For prices, please whatsapp me@ 9600021279 with the pic of the design you like or mail it to aarthi Facebook Link: Email Id: Phone Number: 9600021279

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