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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Every girl wants to be a star and a fashion icon. Ever since the inception of Cinema, most of us look at the celebrities for inspiration. Sadly, as the outfits of celebrities are designed by the top designers, not everyone can afford to buy it. This replica is trending specially among brides as they want to look their best and don't wanna be confused.The best way to be fashionable is buying the same dresses at a lesser rate or asking your designer to do it, without burning a hole in your pockets. Parineeta Collections offers such bollywood replicas at a reasonable price. They also give you an option to customise the dress that you need. Happy to feature Parineeta Collections as the Boutique of the month. I am a native of Jhalandar in Punjab and my family owns a boutique and a designing unit, catering to the local crowd there. Yet, I went on to do M.B.A. subsequently started working in a bank. After my marriage, I came down to Coimbatore. My family and friends often used to ask me for suits and kurthis from Punjab and I used to oblige them by bringing them dresses of their choice. It was in September 2013, that I started the online boutique, Parineetha Collections. I began first with an exhibition so that people of Coimbatore could get acquainted with the kind of stuff we have. Within a couple of weeks, I also had my own Facebook page. I am extremely happy for the response I received from both from the exhibition and the FB page. At this juncture, I must mention the role Shopzters has played. I have received a lot of offers from people all over the world, especially NRIs form U.S. and U.K. and special thanks to Shopzters for connecting to people all over the world! Though we have been designing dresses for a number of years, getting them customized for the people of Jhalandar, we began the online sales only from 2013. The response has been extremely good. While customers from Coimbatore come and meet me in person to discuss their need, people abroad or in different places in India, either whatsapp or even call me to give their specifications. I make sure that we work on it exactly according to their specifications. We do not compromise on quality and we see to it that it is as perfect as it has been envisaged by the client. Hoping for a lot of support from all of you! Call: 9952512010 (Don't forget to refer Shopzters) parineeta41797358_849068845153995_785568431871893269_n 10408683_849063448487868_4413792505817875321_n parineetacollections parineetacollections1 parineeta5   parineeta3 parineeta1 10850113_796052267122320_3034137791351500479_n Parineeta Collections (2) 10356397_745421048852109_8555669438884629020_nParineeta Collections (1) parineeta parineeta2 10402727_796052310455649_5729295495030964920_n 1544301_749549798439234_3258996378431658161_n 10367807_789923447735202_1514322655879703909_n 11082673_849068908487322_5465146060179487735_n

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