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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

bridal-footwearAh! Here comes the next most important thing after choosing your wedding outfit  The bridal footwear. A lot of us tend to take it casually as we do not consider it a tough task (most of the times!) I tell you, choosing your bridal footwear needs a lot of attention. I have brought together some tips that might help you in your bridal footwear shopping. Let's have a look. The first and foremost thing to remember is to go for the bridal footwear shopping after you have picked your wedding outfit. You might want to buy one for the reception, one for your wedding saree and so on. So, it's best to choose your footwear after choosing your wedding outfit, as you would want it to complement your wedding outfit. 154180_480279175369251_1540463122_nIt is best to have the footwear ready during your trial times at both the parlour (in case of saree draping) and the store(in case of lehengas), as it will help in determining the length of your dress and adjusting accordingly. You might need some buffer time in case of any alterations. 409274_291774100870571_1623035063_n
While buying the footwear, do not forget to consider the groom's height. It might not be ideal if the heels make you look taller than the groom. indian-wedding-closeup-bangles-mehndi-dress1
I always feel that bridal footwear needs to be chosen with care as it determines your energy and enthusiasm on the stage. Usually, sarees and lehengas do not reveal much of your footwear. In that case, it is better to opt for footwear that has good quality and comfort rather than just style, as you may have to wear them all day long and stand for a few hours. Shoes 8 So, try the footwear, walk around a few times as it will reduce the risk of them rubbing and causing wounds on your big day. bridal-footwear3_112311012032
Personally, I spent a lot of my time looking for the perfect golden colour one with less heels. I finally found them but on the day of my reception, I had to stand for 5-6 hours on it and trust me, it was sooo difficult. I often removed it for a few minutes and gave my legs a rest. ALWAYS, have a backup pair, just in case! gold-indian-wedding-shoes-christian-louboutins
I spent quite some money on it, only to end up not wearing it after the reception. So, my sincere advice is not to spend on this as you can instead get a quality one for your daily use. Btw, here�s a pic of my bridal footwear. I got it from Koblers, Express Avenue, Chennai. mehendi_0081  

Hope you get what you wish for and your comfortable wearing them.


Prasitha Sridhar

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