Capturing The Highway To Romance - Couple Shoot at NH45

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

We have covered stories about people from different walks of life, but a couple shoot of a wedding photographer himself has to be something absolutely stunning. And so it is, shot by Arun Titan Photography across the NH45 -Madurai to Chennai highway the shoot captures locations that are rustic and yet so beautiful. Their photographer however says he owes it all to Dilip, because he as photographer understood the frames that were required and the emotions that should be the outcome. The result? A shoot that makes us gush over the couple's chemistry, followed by the awe-striking, scenic beauty that surrounds them. Dilip_Arthy_01 Dilip_Arthy_02 Dilip_Arthy_03 Dilip_Arthy_04 Dilip_Arthy_05 Dilip_Arthy_06 Dilip_Arthy_07 Dilip_Arthy_08 Dilip_Arthy_09 Dilip_Arthy_10 Dilip_Arthy_11

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