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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

When we were children, and used to attended birthday parties, the host will give us a return gift sort of as a thank-you for being a wonderful guest. And the shiny little presents would bring a world of joy. But this feeling of being respected and appreciated for attending parties, is not exclusive for kids; this gesture is a matter of pride for both sides, especially as adults, and specifically at weddings.

We have all experienced the wait, just minutes after we have said our goodbyes, so our host can fetch the thamboolam bag as a party favour for attending the wedding. Remember that shiny velvet bag with picture of a deity or a scene from the wedding printed on it, with details of date and venue, the bag that we can hardly use after we reach home, and smells kind of funny? And many of us have tried to get something different for our guests when it's our turn to host weddings, and usually end up spending more or not finding a better design.

Now let's put all those worries behind because we at Shopzters found pretty Potli bags that will match the festive mood and still look dashing dangling around. Plus, it can be reused for a number of purposes A1vmtFcdviL._UY535_ 867672428 176039425 070713_aj5july13c572_01914XigMLDhL._UL1500_ 815r3nV7AbL._UL1500_ 91UGcCYanSL._UL1500_ 91qkrak8g-L._UL1500_ 81HZmdTFNLL._UL1500_81heK7Ekp8L._UL1500_ 81gZXRh0AzL._UL1500_ 81EoYN-CpFL._UL1500_ 81anYCX9FAL._UL1500_ 81+zMegD1eL._UL1500_81+OcLJ1gHL._UL1500_ 71xKfP9n8qL._UL1500_ 71t0ZAyQtjL._UL1500_71bEKpiIDmL._UL1500_ 6c6c08680cebafbe29b7072a6a9099d41_1_41 $_57 sadaf-s-majestic-blue-potli-bagpotli2 pecockmirror work kairi gotta patti gotagota patti gota 1floral Emboroider Crobeaded potli bag bandhani

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