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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

When picking out a saree- a grand traditional silk saree, or a designer saree or even a simple cotton saree, the way you accessorize it matters. Sometimes gold, silver, even diamonds make it stunning and dazzling. But a dozen or more bangles that matches the colour of your saree, with matching earrings or necklace can make a world of difference to your appearance.

When you choose a fashionable look over an ostentatious look, you'll find yourself having fun playing with colours and designs that you never thought of wearing before. And you'll find it, to your pleasant surprise, how well it suits you.

You can wear bangles that match the central colour scheme of your attire or contrast it or mix it up. You can also choose colours based on borders of your saree. Some of these thread bangles are woven with beads or stones that will match the bedazzling work on your sarees.

Have a look at these vibrant sarees and their matching silk thread bangles that has been picked out especially for you and for your next fashionable entrance at special occasions.

Silk thread bangle (3) Silk thread bangle (6) Silk thread bangle (8) Silk thread bangle (1) Silk thread bangle (2)Silk thread bangle (7)Silk thread bangle (9)Silk thread bangle (4)Silk thread bangle (5)Silk thread bangle (10)

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Hi, Can you please let me know the vendor details for silk thread jewels. Thanks, Mahi

4 Oct 2016
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