Dreamland Of The Royals - The Wedding Decor Of Rayane & Mithun

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

The soul of every story lies in the details. They give life, depth, perspective. The details give the story dimension. And Rayane's story is as soulful as they come. Shot by Rakesh Prakash Photography, this wedding is sure to make you smile!                                                  



Four years ago, Rayane, daughter of actors Radhika and Sarath Kumar, saw the work of Vivahhika Decor at a friend's wedding and knew that's who she wanted for a decorator on her own. She had dreamt of a royal wedding, and Vivahhika has artistically articulated it into a vision, an eye feast for everyone there.2 Throughout her story they have followed a theme called a touch of silver lining, using Traditionalism with touches of Contemporary style. As you enter the Mandapam, there are a couple of high elevated arches erected in pastel colours in the lobby.1 Once you walk through it, there's no doubt left in your mind of this palatial affair we have only heard of in fairy-tales that smoothly cascades into reality in front of your eyes.16 A gargantuan effort of 250 members has been poured into the making of this magnificent stage. The decorators have intricately woven the flowers and let it flow like waterfalls across the walls. They have erected 8 pillars around centre stage with a backdrop of flower curtains tipped with parrots in flight.38


                                      In front of this elevated stage is a lotus pond, if nothing else, this adds to the overall Maharaja-Maharani effect to the wedding.


With less than 30 minutes left between the wedding ceremony and reception, Vivahhika transforms the stage right before the eyes of the guests, and it was no easy task. It took 100 members of the crew to fix it up, hassle-free, in front of celebrity guests, a fact much appreciated by the actors Sarath Kumar and Radhika, and impressed even Arun Suresh, the owner of Confluence, (the wedding venue), who hadn't seen such a grand scale of work done in such a short span of time.


Bringing in contrasting style from that of the morning ceremony, they had used, in the reception, a lot of Reds and her sister colours; Ombre, being the trend of the year, the flowers, the fabrics the overall vibrant motif cascades into softer shades of pink and lavender.


Amidst this decoration is the key factor - Lighting. It gave off the whole ethereal effect in step with their theme silver lining.


                                 Vivahhika has managed to bring the 'Kalayana-feel' amid the royal dreamland setting. But more importantly, they have meticulously planned and executed it with heart and soul.




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