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A Delightful Engagement Of A Bride In Pink And Purple

Date: 30/11/2017


Sai Dheera , the vivacious and high spirited bride, a Bharatanatyam dancer, is pursuing her post graduation in Ophthalmology. Sai Ram, the affable and intellectual groom is a General physician by profession and an avid chess player.


As our careers took us miles apart, we were unable to do together ,most of the things normal couples get to enjoy during their preparations. Though I was slightly disappointed,we went to buy my engagement saree at Chennai with his family, and there he was at the shop waiting for all of us. He had flown in for a single day just to be there as a surprise,  even his family was totally in the dark regarding this. That was kind of the defining moment for me in the entire engagement journey, for it was the first time he pulled off a surprise that I was oblivious too.


Best friends turned life partners, it sounds cliched but it was anything but that. I should say it was our names that brought us together, something that we have been using all our lives unsuspectingly. Growing  up with an ideal couple like my parents I had very high expectations about love and marriage throughout my life, but the last few years have made me realise, that I am living my very own fairytale with my best friend.


Being occupied with my work, I was a very unconventional bride. My mom and elder aunt took care of everything for me, from ordering custom made bangles to buying props.


Saree- Since the engagement was held at his hometown,I decided to go in for traditional kanchivaram pattu .The first baby pink saree was from Pothys at Madurai,and the second one was from RMKV,Chennai.Being from the the metro,I was actually amazed at the versatile collection at Madurai Pothys, infact I had binged shopped a number of sarees for my smaller events at the same place.

Jewellery: I opted to go in for my very own Gold jewellery, purchased mostly from the ever lovely GRT over the years by my mom. The minimal imitation I wore was my mang tikka from Narayana pearls and thread bangles custom made from Hyderabad.

Makeup-  As I am currently in Madurai,I decided to do all my shopping and outsourcing from the same locality for my convenience. Apsara bridal studio was recommended to me by a friend,I should say Pradeepha and her team did a wonderful job especially with the saree draping and hair. My makeup could have been toned down a bit.

Blouses: My family friend Mrs. Bala Saraswathi from Confident tailors madurai, took all the credit with her very elegant bridal blouses on the big day. After great research my mom and aunty, decided the designs, especially we had an issue with the cut work for my first pink blouse. She had patiently redone the work until we gave the thumbs up.


Enviously required the least prep;

SUIT: He got his suit from one of his trips abroad and he was all set to go.

Rings: We opted to go for custom diamond rings from GRT. As we being opposite poles couldn’t decide on their similarly looking love bands.

Decoration and Invites: The theme somehow matched to my invitation cards designed by Mark creations, following a peacock pattern from the backdrop to our outfits and my jewellery.

Photography: A special mention to Arun from NURA Photography, for the wonderful suggestions he keeps giving me up to date and Deepan ,who made the day more lively and comfortable with his antics to put us all at ease to give us these wonderful clicks. We actually thoroughly enjoyed taking numerous couple and group shots, thanks to him.



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