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A Spectacular Engagement With The Bride So Royal

Date: 11/08/2017

Padma Sushma our stunning bride tells us how she met her love. Read on to know her story.

Hi I am Sushma and my fiancée is Karthik. We were college buddies. I was his junior in college. Karthik is specialized in Anesthesiology and I am studying for my post-graduation aspiring to be a doctor too. We met through a common friend.  Initially we started talking as friends and soon realized this was more than friendship. But we didn’t confess our love to each other. We were kind of in a confused state of mind. It was only after six months of knowing each other he finally proposed me and I immediately said yes. Five years from then when the talks of marriage started going around at home I told my family about him. I told them I have a very long friend and if they like him then we can take it to the next level. He then came home and spoke to my parents. They really liked him. In fact both the sides our parents were very understanding. Their only thought was to make us happy and the only condition my dad said was that the wedding should happen immediately. I had to convince my fiancé a little bit for that but it all ended well.

I bought two sarees for my engagement. The first saree was from Palam Silks. I generally choose all my sarees from this store because I feel their designs are not too traditional and they suit the current generation very well. I always adore their collection. My second saree was from @prakashsilksandsarees# in Kanchipuram. Isn’t it a tradition for most people to buy a saree for their big day from Kanchi? So that’s the same reason why I landed there. Went around looking for sarees and I found mine in Prakash Silks. My blouses were designed by Shree's Ethnic Wear. So I looked through Shopzters for ideas. I had selected a few from there which included Shree ethnic wear. A friend of my brother had also suggested the same store. I had only one week in hand and in spite of my blouse being a little complicated they did it for me.

My jewellery was from NAC JewellersJewelry/Watches  and GRT. So I am a person who looks around many stores before deciding to buy something. These two stores had very good collections so apt to my taste. So I got my short chain from NAC and the long one from GRT.

My makeup was by Viji, Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist. Her work is very unique. She tries different styles on every bride and does not repeat the usual things. I wanted to have a very different kind of a look too and I found the perfect MUA. She did an amazing job for me.

The décor for my wedding was by The knottt. We had a look at their previous work and loved it. They are very cooperative and were ready to implement the ideas we shared with them. The finally results were amazing. Photography was by @zero-gravity#. I have been a big fan of their work from my school days. I have been following them ever since. So this was dream come true moment for me.

So before my engagement which ever fruit I found around the house I made face packs out of it and applied it on my face. The most common fruit I used was banana. I must say it really helped. In fact, my makeup artist herself complemented me for my skin. The fruit packs I used gave my skin a fresh look and feel.


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