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The Engagement Story Of VJ Abishek And His Fiance Deepa

Date: 17/05/2017

Deepa and Abishek had met over the casting of the movie VIP-2 and felt that they’ve known each other for a while. Later they part ways from the project since they were busy with their personal and professional works. What ended was the project but not the bond between the two. Let’s hear it from Deepa who speaks to Shopzters about her eliciting journey.

We did not date for a very long time. We were together for a short span and thought that we should take it further. Hence the engagement was destined to be on the 17th of May. Our engagement took place in Mirth banquet hall, Anna nagar. The wedding is now all set to take place in October, 2017. And yes, I’m very excited.

My makeup was done by Aysha Abdul who owns a bridal beauty salon called ‘Bride’s corner”. She rendered a very brilliant job and I had received so many compliments with regards to my makeup looking so natural and to the point.

Being a designer myself and who owns an online boutique line named “Vastra- Dress to your mood”, I designed all the costumes for my engagement day. The half saree I wore was designed by me and the blouse for the saree that I bought from Pothys, Chennai was also designed by me. I designed Abhishek’s outfits as well.

The decors were done by Ganesh and Ruchi from MSTAS. The decorations were in accordance with the vibe and we were very much satisfied. We had provided them with a sample module and they worked beautifully on it.

Most of the chunks of jewellery I wore were from GRT and Tanishq. The haaram and necklace sets I wore were given by Aysha.

I did not follow any such home remedy beauty regime. I have a personal dermatologist, Irene Williams and I visit her once every month. I followed whatever she asked me to and that was it. I also had few types of peelings done.

The photography was taken over by Ashokarsh photography. He did a very brilliant job, I must say. We also did a “Lip dub”, where usually lip dubs are for weddings, Ashok agreed to do it for us and we are so much thankful for that. The output was a lot more than what we expected.

Abhishek’s friend, Vijay Babu from “Vijay Caterers” catered for our engagement. There was a unique piece of food I would want to mention about. It was a fruit ice cream with no added artificial elements. It was a special mango ice cream where in place of the pulp there was the ice cream and we had to peel the skin to dig into the delicacy. We also had an engagement cake baked by Mridula Ganesan from Hew and Frost. She did an amazing job.

It was a very lovely experience and we both can’t wait for the wedding any longer. 



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