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There are so many choices when it comes to selecting the right invites, the right decor, or the right saree. It can get confusing. And picking random things that you like may make it chaotic and disorganized. It won't complete the picture. Which is why having a theme makes life easier. It will narrow down your choices, and keep you on track. And the first thing you got to decide is the colour palette. That is winning half the battle. Considering the time of the year, how about we match the colours of the fall and make it a season themed wedding. Because autumn is a magical season. It's transformative. Autumn marks the end of something old and the beginning of something new. And even if this season is brief or practically non-existent in this part of the world, it doesn't mean we can't bring the season into our weddings!!! Now let's explore!

  1. If you plan on sending out save the dates to your near and dear friends, or if you are going to simply jump ahead and do the invitations, then pick out something rustic and woodsy to set the rhythm. Or if you want to make it clear and obvious to your guests you can always choose pumpkins or jack o� lanterns. �1. invitations 1. Save-The-Date-Ideas- 1 rustic-stringlights-maple-leaf-laser-cut-wedding-invitations-with-twines 1 save the date
  2. We like vibrant colours when it comes to weddings, Isn't it?? So why not choose warm colours for flower bouquets or centrepieces and make it festive without disturbing the theme! But if subtle is your speed, you can always go with rustic neutral colours, or without losing the festive touch you can pick shades of dark blue- navy, royal, indigo, and so on.2. fall-wedding-photography072 Fall-wedding-inspiration- vibrant 2. pink fall-wedding-ideas-flowers2. fall-wedding-ideas-flowers-orange2. Fall-wedding-inspiration 2. orange-fall-pumkin-wedding-centerpiece 2. rustic-neutral-fall-wedding-colors- 2 deep-red-marsala-and-gray-fall-wedding-color-ideas2. rustic-mustard-and-neutral-wedding-color-ideas-for-fall-
  3. Signboards have become the latest and must-have fad at weddings. So in keeping with the theme of this season, let's turn pumpkins into props and give a fairy-tale touch to it. You can also get candles that will make it romantic and you can match it with fall theme by adding orange, yellow, or brown leaves in the jar. Or twigs even. It will look absolutely stunning.3. Fall-wedding-inspiration-3-10052014ak 3. mr-and-mrs-white-pumpkins-wedding-decor 3.. Flower-girls-pumpkin-basket 3. fall-wedding-ideas-leave-centerpiece3. rustic-fall-pumkin-wedding-decor-ideas
  4. If you are planning on a pre-wedding shoot, make it fall-tastic4. photo ideas 4. fall-wedding-ideas-detail 4. fall-wedding-photography 4. fall-wedding-photography06
  5. Even food and drinks can be based on the colours of fall. Something in burgundy like cranberry juice or brown like apple dipped in chocolate or caramel and sprinkled with nuts. Or something like choco-pies. Or pumpkin juice. 
  6. 5. airy-light-blue-and-neutral-fall-wedding-color-schemes- 5. Fall-wedding-inspiration- 5. Fall-wedding-inspiration-1-10052014ak 5 fall-wedding-ideas-cranberry-apple-cider
  7. Consider some fun attractions for the guests to enjoy while they attend the wedding. You can give them season themed wedding favours. Or you can set up a canvas with an empty tree painted on it, and your guests can leave fingerprints all over the branches to make leaves.6. wedding favours6. fun attraction
  8. Saving the best for last, choose your wedding attire based on colours of the fall- burgundy and gold, Sangria (shades of violet or magenta,) autumn peach (shades of pink), and for men- navy blue or neutral colours be it Sherwani or Suits. Also, while picking out sarees, you can choose leaf motifs, or tree of life motifs. If you plan on wearing a gown for your reception, pick a dark colour and make your bridesmaids wear shades of rustic nautical colours. Or vice versa.
  9. 7. fall-wedding-photography07- attire 7. fall-wedding-attire 7. bridesmaids in fall colours 7. fall-wedding-photography39- attire

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