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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

In this era, where everything is instant and virtualistic, it's hard to remember the beauty of carrying a photograph of loved ones in your wallet, or decorating walls with frames and frames of pictures of friends and family, or even scrapbooking, for that matter.

When you have fun, the happy moments turn into happy memories, and that moment when a special someone walks into your life and you realize life as you know it has changed forever, that precious memory turns into your happy place. And if you have those precious moments in life immortalized in photographs, you must frame it. And keep it on your night stand. Why?

Because on the good days, you will learn to appreciate the people you love and care for in your life. And on the bad days you will learn to be thankful.

Nowadays, people are bringing the old fad for frames and photo booth back with a colourful bang. Which is, we must say, pleasing to our eyes. Especially during weddings, hanging hollow frames from trees or posts is a fun way to make memories of a special occasion, where people can pose for pictures, and imagine framing these framed photographs, how quirky and fun!

These couples had a lot of fun with these- like using artistic filigree frames, Instagram squares, and other unique ones with cute signs, and comical signs- to capture some lively moments at their wedding.

Photo booth (2)

PC: Vaijayanti Varma Photography

Photo booth (3)


Photo booth (4)

PC : Alma Wedding

Photo booth (5) Photo booth (8)

PC : Sriram Raghu Photography

Photo booth (9)

PC : Sriram raghu Photography

Photo booth (10)

PC : Arun Titan Studio

Photo booth (11) Photo booth (12)

PC : Dipak Photography

Photo booth (14) Photo booth (15)

PC : Pixel Story

Photo booth (17)

PC : Pixel Story

Photo booth (20)

PC : Studio Untitled

Photo booth (23) Photo booth (24)

PC : Vipin Photography

Photo booth (25)

PC : Yadhu Photography

Photo booth (1)

PC : Ankita Asthana Photography

Photo booth (6)

PC : Aaron Obed

Photo booth (7)

PC : Sriram Raghu Photography

Photo booth (13)

PC : Lumiere Wedding Company

Photo booth (16)

PC : Pixel Story

Photo booth (18)

PC : Priya Vision Photography

Photo booth (19)


Photo booth (21)Photo booth (22)

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