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Jewellery and Accessories

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

The schedule of a wedding can be pretty hectic for a bride, shopping for clothes, jewelry, shoes and organizing the invites, etc. To worry about the bridesmaids who are also her responsibility could add to that stress, their outfit must match yours, their jewelry mustn't clash, dilemmas like these burden the bride. The idea of bridesmaids is to help you feel relaxed that your friends are by your side on your most important day. In situations like these, Eves - The Bridal and Fashion Jewellery Studio comes as a savior, with a large variety of options to chose from, it spoils you with choice. While the accessories are from Eves, the photography of this shoot by Vipin Photogrpahy brings out the different moods of the scenes perfectly, adding elements and utilizing props to create a dramatic portrait.

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