Happy Birthday To Our Goddess Of Inspiration, Jyothika!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

If there is one actress that strikes anyone's mind when we say 'Age like Wine', it would be our very own Jyothika, or as we fondly call her JO! She has grown even more beautiful as the years go by, and we can't help but be inspired by her!

Here are some of her favorite looks that we simply adore!! From Fashionable Kurta's paired with Statement pieces, to Cotton Sarees and gorgeous Silks! She can carry off any expression and any look with elan and these pictures are proof of that! So here is us, the folks at Shopzters, who are her ardent fans, shouting out a HUGE Happy Birthday to our Queen of Inspiration, Jyothika. Photo Credits : G Venket Ram 11169539_959749217452911_8156797188351162729_o 11099574_965971520164014_4083542998925106158_o 10929179_965971566830676_2702983183578403521_o14305344_1263584880402675_6208154122659007554_o12938325_1148683301892834_7167859480516552993_n 12932639_1148682391892925_6621620684098930457_n 12931155_1148683075226190_6037632320218190270_n 12928345_1148669665227531_2975137033345379994_n12932639_1148682391892925_6621620684098930457_n 12928244_1148683395226158_8445550236374509136_n 12244562_1066358063458692_1973143677800763586_o 12524403_1148682208559610_7721221932481481596_n11230237_1066358196792012_5041575858041321985_o 12321274_1148683508559480_3218571737625416163_n12931155_1148683075226190_6037632320218190270_n 10866150_952961111465055_8302651454457528707_o 11157398_952951988132634_4944746742432832610_o 11174421_952951788132654_7121116877354462132_o

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