In a Field of Happiness

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

These couple shoots give us a brilliant theme that leaves room for our romantic imagination. Everything about love is bright, chirpy and happy, so what better way to denote it than with a field of sunflowers in full bloom. This shoot is personal favourite as it seems so surreal, just out of a shah rukh khan movie. Also, since it is an open space, the photographers could play with different elements like duppata, sari and any thing that flows which would look good in the wind. Overall, if you and your partner are Bollywood fans and die hard romantics, this theme is perfect for you.

13434785_10209870145578377_5591249490637426972_n 13431521_10209870149378472_5979299581186245554_n 13417612_10209870146578402_2091628564287571827_n 13450096_10209870146738406_1612230080242753658_n 13423891_10209870146858409_9105281710971634093_n 13413168_10209870147858434_7406508960061427429_n 13450266_10209870145618378_5780058236323251714_n 13339554_10209870148738456_2496615880736189147_n 13423945_10209870145538376_8348026234113877382_n 13450037_10209870147818433_1665910498714847704_n 13407161_10209870147378422_5199162857978418795_n 13321767_10209870148698455_309847406585754665_n 13435374_10209870148378447_338326321246210452_n 12243363_1517522078559065_1866759902121666002_n 1499010_780182728682618_8030010153550783812_o Credits: AA Photography, Vijay Eesam, Sriram Photography, A story by Dharma Teja, Uday Mallipudi Photography

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