Real Wedding

A Pleasant Wedding That Contained A Lot Of Love And Happiness

Date: 07/10/2017

Finding Vamsi made me a believer in the cliche, “When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” Being a busy OBGYN, I didn’t see the world through rose-coloured glasses. During our post-grad days, I got to know Vamsi, a neurophysician now.

We had a good number of mutual friends; we met in various social gatherings and also shared a good number of the same patients. Even though we found an immediate liking towards each other, both of us hesitated to come forward with how we felt.

We had completed our Master’s degrees and moved back to our separate cities. Our families started looking for respective alliances, but no one seemed to intrigue us or strike our fancy the way we connected. During this time, Vamsi and I had kept in touch. We started talking to each other more often and Vamsi even travelled to Hyderabad a few times to meet me. There wasn’t any filmy proposal; it was an exchange of thoughts about our future and what sort of life-partner we wanted that inevitably led to us telling each other that we liked each other very much - something which in its own right holds a certain value of romance for the both of us.

Our engagement was at 9am on 24, December at Ellaa Hotels, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Ellaa Hotels is known for its green, heavenly landscape. In typical warm Hyderabadi tehzeeb, Ellaa impressed. All those food tastings and venue expeditions paid off; the Indian and continental breakfast; and traditional lunch was scrumptious and perfectly arranged by the hotel.

The pre-wedding reception and wedding was on 1 February at Daspalla Hotels, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The muhurtam was early hours of 2 February, so the special date is marked in the hearts of our families and friends. Daspalla, synonymous with its delicious wedding menu and lovely city-view rooms, ensured our beloved guests were well taken-care of.

The reception in Vijayawada, on 3 February, was at A-convention centre, garnering over 2000 people. It felt surreal that in a matter of days, I was welcomed into a loving and supportive family while still having my own loving family by side.

The whole thing brimmed with sentiments of a ‘two states wedding’ a melding of Telugu sub-cultures into a celebration of unity.

Silk sarees for engagement, wedding, pelli kuthuru and reception were from @prakashsilksandsarees# and A S Babu Sah, Kanchipuram and Radhakrishna Silk sarees, Hyderabad.

Saree blouse designer Mounika Vootla 

Hair and make up by Blush - Fine Makeup Art 

Jewellery by Swastik Jewellers, Srikanth jewellers and Kirtilal’s diamonds.

Poolajada, flower jewellery for pellikuthuru, kobbari bonda by pellipoolajada 

Groom’s suits were custom-made by Raymond. Sherwanis by Jade Blue Lifestyle and Portfolio.

The decoration for the engagement, pelikuthuru function, and wedding was done by Shiva Flowers and wedding décor.Photography by Truly Candid by Ravi Varma Photography

Weddings and wedding planning can be hectic and tiring. The credits for designing, arranging, organising, executing and dealing with “bridezilla” truly goes to my dad, mum and my little sister.



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