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Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Daughter's Wedding - A Photographers Utmost Delight!


When we asked one amazing talent, 'How would you describe your experience in shooting the wedding of Telugu Megastar's daughter Sreeja?' He got all hyped up!

He says and we quote, "Just one word, 'Fantastic!' We never expected so much of respect and care from them. They gave us the full freedom to do what we wanted! The main point is the value they give to each and every profession! It was undoubtedly a fun-packed wedding. The bride didn't want her wedding to be boring and was fun to work with. And complimented by the groom who did whatever the bride liked! It is a rare opportunity for any photographer to shoot an array of stars in one wedding and we are honoured by the opportunity given to us! The guests comprised of only close family members and VIPs. Hence, it made our job easier as there was no rush and everything was disciplined! In short, it is an amazing and fulfilling experience!"

'Epics By Avinash' is the name and indeed the photos speak for themselves!



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