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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

The gleaming chandeliers, the shining satins with a trail of flowers making the entire wedding look adorned with its charm. These wonderful works of art complemented by photos from Studio A gives us a sneak peek into each and every fairy tale wedding. We bring to you more and more visions for your wedding!   Prithivi-Deeptha-0137   PRD_3758   13-02-15-Moulika-Vishnu-a001-7964   PRD_7427   PRD_7479   PRD_0331   20150329-PramodSaranya_SangeetMehendi-B002_183   20150213-Moulica-Vishnu-Reception-A004-047   20150205-Manasa-Chethan-Wedding-A004-558   1604982_10152765422123824_6004977382668701904_n   PRD_0294   28-02-2015-Rakshit-Thaneesha-A001-055   05-02-15-Manasa-Chetan-a001-6890   PRD_4744   20150213-Moulica-Vishnu-Reception-A004-041-Edit Photo courtesy: Studio A (

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