Ithiassic – Gold Jewellery That Is A Feast For The Eyes!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

'Ithiassic' which has been derived from the word 'Ithiaas' means History or Historic, and we believe that this word could not be more apt for the amazing Antique jewellery collection at Sumans, Coimbatore. The grandeur of the design matches with ones visuals of Jewellery worn by the royalty in ancient times, and that is probably the reason for the immense success of this collection. From using the Goddess in beautiful neckpieces, and chokers to a display of various 'Maanga' and 'Kaasu' Maalai designs, this series of Jewellery is mindboggling and rightfully so! So here is the 'Ithiassic' collection from Suman Jewellery, Coimbatore. A grand feast for your eyes. s14 s6 s4 s3 s1 suman 2 s13 s12 s11 s10 s9 s8 s19 s15s2 suman6 suman3 suman 5 suman 4 suman 1 s18 s17 s16 s7 s5

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