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Groom? Check. Wedding saree? Check. Gold ornaments? Check? Makeup artist? Check. Mandapam? Check. Hair style? Ummm.... the usual flower jada right? The usual... No, you are so wrong! There is nothing usual about flower jadas for weddings anymore. In case you did not notice, wedding world got more creative while you took your beauty nap. So wakey wakey brides-to-be and check out some creative hair styles that use flower jadas in differently unique ways to add glamour to your looks on your big day.

Using just flowers in the traditional south Indian way to your long plait can make your hair look stunning. No wonder the photographers couldn't stop themselves from clicking!

While traditionally a single long piece of jada made completely of jasmine was used to decorate the entire length of the hair, some brides are going for individual pieces of patterned flowers attached one after the other to complete the look. To add colour to the look, flowers other than jasmines are also being used. Roses are one such option because they come in a variety of colours.

Wanna colour-coordinate your jada flowers with the colour of your saree? Why not?


Nowadays, brides are also going for jewelled look using hair accessories because flowers tend to lose their freshness as they start to wilt later on in the day. Again these hair accessories can be bought any time before the marriage whereas flowers need to be bought on the same day as the marriage or a day before in order to keep it looking fresh.


Add a few flowers to this trendy look and you can have a blend of traditional and modern that creates a stunner without breaking a sweat.

Thinking about keeping it minimalistic? We have something for you too... Check out this look!


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Less traditional, more modern? Use a single flower and of course, we would vote for the rose. Even though this look may be too minimalistic, we do find this very chic.

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Use of flowers to decorate your hair imparts a traditional look and adds a touch of oomph to your attire. However, if you want your look to have a unique edge, try accessories made of gold, pearls or fancy ornaments to get that effortlessly classy look. Go ahead, it's your day after all!

Photo Source: Pelli Poola Jada




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Wedding saree, Gold orname.nts, Makeup, Hair style all are very important for a good weeding party. Especially for a good hair style using flowers is a very good idea. Though it is a traditional style in south Indian. Jada Styles fore any wedding party is really unique and creative.

20 Mar 2016
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