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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Healthy skin is the sign of a healthy body!

At juicy chemistry, we offer you a line of freshly handcrafted skin care products using the finest and the most concentrated nutrients that nature has to offer. Aware, that the largest organ of our body, the skin , absorbs in excess of 60 percent of what it comes in contact with , we only use ingredients that are pure, natural and organic to create various blends and combinations that work together to heal and renew skin cells giving you a fresh youthful appearance.

In our mission to provide our customers with premium quality products that are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and parabens , we offer a wide range of products which include fresh hand made face cleansers, body scrubs, face masks, lip scrubs and butters, nourishing body butters, massage oils, pure beeswax candles and more. We also offer customized kits for troubled skin, hand and foot care, anti-ageing and aromatheraphy products. Also available are a wide range of gift hampers to gift your loved ones!

Juicy Chemistry's motto is natural skin equals beautiful skin. Using 100 percent natural products each product is developed with a lot of care and love.

Contact:097905 07988

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Padhma R K

Hi, I live at Chennai. How do I buy your products?? Is it subscription based, do I have to fill up any survey to get you know about my skin type..?? Please guide me on how to purchase the products and also about the price range. Thanks Padhma :)

28 Mar 2015


Please guide me on how to purchase the products and also about the price range

29 Mar 2015


Need to buy products of the brand in Mumbai.Kindly guide regarding the same.

25 Apr 2016


Plz guide me how to buy the products and in minimum range

25 Jul 2015


Please guide me how to purchase the products and also the price range for the same. Do you have any website for Juicy Chemistry? Let us know soon

12 Apr 2015

shweta chaudhari

How to buy this products??

16 Nov 2015

Sunanda Biswas

How to purchase these products??Please help.

6 Dec 2015

Sunanda Biswas

How to purchase these products?? I stay in kolkata. Please help.

6 Dec 2015


Please get in touch with Megha Asher. She has some exquisite collections! Ph: 97905 07988

7 Feb 2016

k g sekar

i need product for my pimple care skin try to suggest me from juicy chemistry.

6 Apr 2016


How to buy products?

29 Nov 2015


Is product available in mumbai

28 Nov 2015

Priya Sahu

I live in Pune, please guide me how to purchase these produce...???

15 Dec 2015

Megha Bhat

Hi I want to purchase your products in Bangalore or through online.Please suggest if there are any ourlet in Bangalore or the official website where we can purchase your products

28 Aug 2015


Pls guide how I can get your products online,

23 Oct 2015
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