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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

JUST A SPIN - exclusively VOGUE , a new mechanism based series is launching today.


In our diamond market this product, JUST A SPIN is the first of its kind.

It has been made with an artistic touch using the best combination of colors in the disc ,which compliments the pattern and exclusive design on the top.

It was designed keeping in mind that today, women love to buy more variety of clothes instead of investing in just one attire. JUST A SPIN has multi colors on it ,which can be matched with more clothes.

It took 9 months to build this product , almost 70 meetings to discussand frame the final outlook of the product involving a huge designing process.

'Multi - Personalities' in one masterpiece. You would feel proud to own it!

This is just the start of an era of our innovations.

Now that we are here, more is yet to come JUST A SPIN is available for sale on January 30th & 31st in our DIAMOND JEWELRY EXPO

Venue: Shree Shakti Jewellers

1080,Cross cut road ,


Cbe-12(opp to Mahaveers)



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