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Karthik & Karthika - A traditional Kongu Wedding in Coimbatore

Date: 07/10/2016

Some weddings are just meant to be. They are a joy from start to finish. The little reluctance from either side vanishes the moment they get to know each other, and from then on, its sunshine and rainbows! Such is the story of our beautiful bride, Karthika and the love of her life, Karthik! Yup, you read it right! So go on now, get yourself immersed into this sweet journey that was their wedding! You will love it as much as we did!Hi everyone, I am Karthika from Coimbatore. The love of my life, my partner for life is Karthik.Ours was an arranged marriage. I met Karthik on Nov 18,2015 in a temple through our families.

I had a lot of questions in my mind before the meeting. The thought of spending my life with a stranger was scary. But the very first conversation we had and the thoughts we shared washed off the fear in me. We then decided YES, it was going to be KARTHIK and KARTHIKA. To tell you the truth, not only I, almost everyone was excited, if not a little teasing, about our names.Personally, I feel that the beauty of arranged marriage begins once you decide that he/she is going to be your soulmate. Our magical relationship then began. Our parents got busy with the various formalities that are a part of any wedding and in the meantime, we we were busy getting to know each other. Our friendship began and eventually I fell in love with him. Obviously, who would not love such a charming, lovable and caring guy.We had our ‘uruthi pechu’ function on November 27 and in about 3 months we were engaged. It was a Grand event held at Jenney’s Residency, Coimbatore on March 11 2016.

Our wedding was scheduled for June. So we had a three month window to plan our wedding.Engagement : Saree was from Sri Devi textiles Coimbatore and Jewels from Karpagam Jewellery Coimbatore.Mehendi by Metha. Decoration By @jeevithadecorwedding-planning-event#. Makeup By Maria, Coimbatore.Photography :IFotos and Aaron Obed. We got married on June 6, 2016, at Brindavan Auditorium, Coimbatore.Our wedding kick started  with Naal virunthu on noon of June 5. I wore an olive green with blue silk saree from Prakash silks Kanchipuram. Karthik wore a Guess shirt and a pair of casual jeans.For my reception, I wore a lotus pink silk saree which wass also from Prakash silks Kanchipuram. Karthik's reception outfit was specially designed by Osman from Gabbana life, Chennai.

My Sister-in-law wore a beautiful blue silk saree which she picked from Varamahalakshmi,Kanchipuram.I chose a red with gold saree for muhurtham, from AS Babu Shah and Karthik wore a silk shirt n dhoti.All my Blouses were designed by Priya Designers, Coimbatore, who have been my only designer right from the beginning. They did an amazing job, be it fitting or designs.My makeup was done by Noor Bridal studio, who did an excellent job. Mehendi by Ajab, Coimbatore.Jewellery was my mom’s collection over years. She wants everything to be unique. Gold jewels from Karpagam  and Sumangali Coimbatore. They are well known for their wide range of antique collection. Diamond jewels were from Suman and Viswa and Devji Coimbatore.Wedding planners. My Dad and Chitapa. Karthik and I were very much in peace because of them.With no doubt we chose @jeevithadecorwedding-planning-event# Coimbatore for the decoration and Lakshmi Catering. Being my Dad’s friends Damu (Jevitha decors) and Madhampatty Rangaraj took special interest in our wedding. They did not fail to satisfy more than 6000 guests.. Food, Decoration and makeup were very much appreciated at our wedding.We had 3 photography teams shoot our complete wedding. Candid Photography was done by Aaron Obed and IFotos Vignesh Parsan. Traditional Photography and videography was done by Aishwarya Videos. All three captured my special day beautifully. Their work was just excellent.For our honeymoon, we wanted something private, relaxing and romantic. Sheraton, Maldives was the right choice.


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