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Vichitra Salwars, in Coimbatore has been holding up some amazing designs on salwars and blouses.If you're looking for exquisite works on your Blouse, then this is the best place to be. They make it all the way from perfection to 'on time' delivery. We were able to get our hands on a few sample works and they are ridiculously tempting with every piece of art they add to their designs! IMG-20151130-WA0066 IMG-20151130-WA0065 IMG-20151130-WA0076 IMG-20151130-WA0075 IMG-20151130-WA0073 IMG-20151130-WA0067 IMG-20151130-WA0063 IMG-20151130-WA0056 IMG-20151130-WA0058 IMG-20151130-WA0046 Get your goods ready for the upcoming wedding season!

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