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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Everybody you meet has something new to say, so today we take the top 5 make-up myths that have been making rounds and tell you why they aren't true. Primers aren't necessary Primers aren't necessary for make-up that you put on for an hour or two but they don't serve the same purpose as concealers and foundations. The whole point of a primer is to provide a strong base for your make-up and to help it stay unfazed for longer. Yes, it will add to the layers of make-up on your face, but you can avoid the discomfort by keeping the layers thin instead of avoiding them altogether. PrashMax (5) Make up causes acne Applying make-up is never the cause of acne, not removing it from your pores is why acne occurs. The most common mistake is to sleep with your make-up on, even if it is just kajal, eyeliner or mascara. But the residue will end up clogging the pores on your skin and causing acne. Invest in a deep cleansing face wash and a toner which will ensure clean skin. 248000_10150208550968158_3843253_n Blush doesn�t suit everybody This is a big fat lie. Blush only ends up looking a bit too tasteless when it doesn't blend in with your skin properly. The key is to change your brush, never use the tiny one with hard bristles, and instead buy a middle sized broad "Blush Brush" which will give your brush an even tone and merge with your natural tone. If you have a dark skin tone then go for a red or maroon based blush and if you have a light skin tone, then opt for peach and pink based blush for a more natural look. 20150122_Sriram & Upali_A003_684
It is normal for makeup to tingle skin Your make-up should under no circumstances harm your skin. If products are causing irritation, especially eye shadows, eye liners and Kajal then it is time to switch your brand. And visit your nearest dermatologist regarding the issue if it persists. tumblr_mwzrmkFGJ21riwpnjo1_1280 Glossy lips aren't in fashion Well, they're back. Companies like L'Or'al and Maybelline have launched their latest collection of glossy lipsticks that have something to offer for everybody out there. The one trick to keep glossy lips classy is to find a colour that isn't too bright for your skin tone, the gloss is all the highlighting you need. Weddings by Aditya (11)

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